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The taste for Art and good decoration is definitely an inherited gift from my father who was a great interior decorator and plastic artist which made me find a profound admiration for good quality pieces and furniture. 

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ThE bEgInnIng

We opened in the year 2001 in a small warehouse in Jacó. We focused on the distribution of souvenir products, but in the year 2016 we decided to change a little bit our recipe and started to import furnitures, first with synthetic rattan and decoration pieces from different places of Asia. At the end of that same year, we bought recycled wood and it was a great success.

So, we expanded and started to purchase new products which we increased the product variety in decorative paintings, accesories, and decoration. That is why we proudly have more than 2,500 m2 of exhibition space.

Our  furnITurE

The furniture that we import are meant to please our clients, each piece is carefully selected and for all the corners of your home, restaurant, shop or hotel. At El Bodegón de Asia, you will find unique furniture and most of them are hand-made.

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We are located in :

  • Quebrada Ganado
  • Escazú
  • Guanacaste
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Phone of El Bodegón de Asia


Quebrada Ganado: +506 2637-1124
Escazú: +506 2101-0504
Guanacaste: +506 4703-7302

WhatsApp of El Bodegón de Asia


Quebrada Ganado: +506 8499-2889
Escazú: +506 6377-4012
Guanacaste: +506 7193-5371