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Get inspired by the artisans’ work and delicacy of the carved wood pieces that help to give identity to your scenarios.

Discover the beauty of the carved wood creations offered by El Bodegón de Asia

Immerse yourself in our world of hand-carved furniture and décor, where authentic craftsmanship meets elegance and style. Each unique piece tells a story, each detail is meticulously crafted to bring you a warm and exquisite ambiance.

From majestic dining tables to delicate wall hangings, our collection invites you to embellish your home with the natural beauty of carved wood.

Be captivated by the mastery of Asian artisans and transform your space into a reflection of sophistication and good taste with the products of El Bodegón de Asia.

A little history of wood carving

For centuries, wood carved furniture and craftsmanship has been a highly valued form of artistic expression in many Asian cultures. The intricate designs and extremely high level of detail achieved by talented Asian craftsmen make these wooden decorations true works of art, as beautiful as they are functional.

Wood carving has a very long tradition in Asia going back thousands of years to ancient times. In China there is evidence of the use of advanced woodworking or carving techniques dating back to the Neolithic period. Throughout the centuries of Chinese history, different regional styles flourished, from the world-famous lacquer carving of the Ming Dynasty in the 17th century to the intricate and finely crafted ox-bone carving of the Dong ethnic group in Guizhou province.

In Japan, wood has for many centuries been the preferred and almost exclusive material for making all kinds of handicrafts and furniture, thanks to the abundance of forests with trees ideal for carving such as maple, oak and cedar. Traditional Japanese styles such as yosegi zukuri use the ingenious technique of assembling thin sheets of stained wood in elaborate geometric patterns to create intricate designs.

Exquisite Asian wood-carved furniture pieces combine creativity, precision, and functionality. Fine woods such as teak wood or sheesham are used, which expert craftsmen work with absolute meticulousness to sculpt designs that often have deep cultural, spiritual or auspicious significance for home or office décor.

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Discover the fascinating world of Asian wood craftsmanship and take home a unique piece. Our careful selection brings together the best of centuries of wood carving tradition and ancestral techniques, with a contemporary touch. Each piece is the result of the dedication and talent of master artisans, true guardians of this noble craft that is part of the cultural heritage of the region.

Visit our stores in Jacó, Escazú or Guanacaste in person and find the perfect piece to complement your home decoration with a touch of distinction. From delicately carved sculptures and decorative objects to elegant furniture in traditional styles, we have options for all tastes and decorative needs.

Acquire a creation today that will last for generations and connect with the cultural legacy of Asian wood carving!

Our experts are here to advise you and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Take a piece of handmade history with you.

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Make your furniture purchases in-store or via our WhatsApp! Wait with peace of mind at your home or business premises with all the security that you will receive everything in perfect condition. At El Bodegón de Asia, we offer furniture transportation service to any part of the country.

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