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Furniture and decoration pieces directly imported from different corners of Asia.


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Our furniture and decoration products come from different places in Asia where they are hand-carved which makes them not only beautiful but also unique and they are waiting for you to use them in a special place of your home.

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example of wood carving in the store of El Bodegón de Asia, Jacó
El Bodegón de Asia furniture store costa rica


With the finest qualities in wood and finishes, these products are individually and meticulously chosen, with special attention to detail to ensure they meet exacting quality standards. Imported from the original islands of Asia, each piece captures the authenticity of Asian craftsmanship.


We have furniture for indoors and outdoors but also a large variety of accessories and decorations for all type of areas in your home, hotel, shop or restaurant.

100% handmade pieces and a large number of decorative elements that combine perfectly with the style you want to create in your environments. We have With more than 2,500 m² of exhibition space where you can find 7 different categories of furniture.

Synthetic Rattan

Discover our wide selection of synthetic rattan furniture at El Bodegón de Asia Store. Find the perfect furniture for your home or garden, made from high-quality materials that perfectly mimic the look and feel of natural rattan. Browse our collection and choose from sofas, chairs, tables and more, all designed to provide comfort, durability, and style. Renew your space with the charm of synthetic rattan and create a cozy and elegant atmosphere. Explore our options and find the perfect furniture to suit your style and needs at El Bodegón de Asia Store.

Premium and Standard

Recycled Wood

Explore the authenticity of recycled wood furniture brought to you by El Bodegón de Asia Store. Find unique pieces for your home, all crafted from high quality reclaimed wood. From tables to chairs, each item is designed for style and sustainability. Renew your space with the charm of reclaimed wood and make a conscious and environmentally friendly choice.

Carved Wood

Experience the unique essence of carved wood at El Bodegón de Asia Store, where each piece tells a handcrafted story from the most picturesque corners of Asia. Carved wood furniture not only dazzles with its beauty, but also adds a touch of authenticity to your home.

From majestic benches to detailed decorative pieces, each product is meticulously selected, fusing the richness of Asian culture with the incomparable quality of wood.

At El Bodegón de Asia Store, carved wood is not just a material, it is an expression of art that will transform your space into something truly extraordinary.


In El Bodegón de Asia Store each piece of Timor wood is masterfully carved by skilled Asian artisans, reflecting the nobility of this unique and elegant wood that fuses Asian craftsmanship with the natural beauty of Timor wood. Renew your space with the warmth and exclusivity of this wood, transforming your home into a corner of distinction. At El Bodegón de Asia Store, Timor wood becomes the exclusive touch that elevates your style to new heights.

Teak Wood

Explore the magic of teak wood at El Bodegón de Asia Store, where sculptures and decorative pieces become handcrafted masterpieces. From elegant lamps that illuminate with charm to benches that combine functionality and rustic style, each element showcases the versatility and distinction of teak wood. The sculptures, with their unique shapes, add a spiritual touch to your space. Each piece tells a story of creativity and elegance to transform your home into a sanctuary of style.

Natural Fiber

Wrap your spaces in the warmth and romance of the natural fiber of El Bodegón de Asia Store. This ancient technique comes to life in every chair and table, creating cozy environments with a sophisticated touch. Natural fiber pieces are not only furniture, they are artistic expressions that provoke a sense of serenity and elegance. Discover at El Bodegón de Asia Store how natural fiber becomes the perfect ingredient to create enchanting and enveloping atmospheres in your home.


Customize your spaces with distinction with lighting accessories that exude magic and sparkle, creating enchanting environments! From lamps that illuminate with elegance to mirrors that reflect style, each piece is an expression of sophistication. Discover decorations, statues, ornaments and artificial plants that add character to your special corners. Immerse yourself in the softness of natural textiles in cushions, blankets and hammocks that transform comfort into art. Personalize your walls with beautiful paintings that convey harmony, color, and transport you to places out of routine. At El Bodegón de Asia Store, every decorative element is an opportunity to express your unique style.

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Quebrada Ganado – Furniture & Decoration

We are located in Quebrada Ganado, On Route 34 (Costanera) Quebrada Ganado, Puntarenas. This is 500m North from the entrance of Punta Leona.

Opening Hours: Everyday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Escazú – Furniture & Decoration

We are located 75 meters South from San Rafael’s crossroad, Escazú.

Opening Hours: everyday from 10:00am to 7:00pm
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Guanacaste – Furniture & Decoration

75 m north from Total Service, on the crossroad to Playas del Coco in Palmira community, Carrillo, Guanacaste.

Opening Hours: everyday from 9:00am to 6:00pm
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